We are a band of three sisters (Sarah, Hannah, and Rebecca) who love the Lord with all our hearts and have dedicated everything we do for the Glory of God! It's been a long road getting us to where we are now, but by the grace of God alone, we have made it this far, and shall continue as long as the Lord would have us to.

There were four of us previously, but our older sister, Rachel, got married in April of 2011 and moved far away. Her absence set us off slightly as we struggled to manage with only three people left in the band, but with time, we recovered and are now making public appearances once again.

We’ve been singing together all of our lives, but playing instruments was something that came later. All of us started on piano, and as we grew into our teenage years, we slowly accumulated our own favored instruments and styles. Combining this together into a band has created what we are now: a force to be reckoned with, and we shall use every bit of it to tear down the enemy’s walls.

Music does something to people, consciously or unconsciously. Music can bring out any emotion in a person, and reaches them sometimes where they never thought they could be reached, or even knew that part of them existed. There is a depth within each of us that only God can touch, and He will use His children to work through in this process of freeing us from ourselves. This band has one desire, and that is to be used in this manner for God. We do not seek fame or fortune, but to sing for God's people, and to be an encouragement to all that need it. Being nothing of ourselves, it is up to our Lord Jesus to bless our music and make it sound to you the way He needs it to. Yes, it is our ministry, and we are but servants in the hands of God.



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