Greetings from Hannah

As I sit here and write to you, I ponder. My mind floats to old acquaintances. People I’ve met in the past and were once close friends with. People I spoke to frequently and soon came to realize that I didn’t actually have anything in common with. All those people seem to have faded from my life as quickly as they appeared. It happens to us all. Though I deeply wanted to keep in touch despite our differences, day by day we fade away without immediate regret. But the positive side is this: Thanks to facebook keeping in touch should never be a problem again! We have common ground! I know, I know! You’re probably saying to yourself “Where is she headed with this?…” Just keep reading and I’ll tell you.

The footsteps of the righteous are ordered of The Lord. We all know that scripture and quote it frequently. But my friends, I ask you to think deeper on it. How can He order our footsteps when we aren’t willing to walk in the first place? I feel in my heart that The Lord has been guiding us, this privileged bride of our generation, to do all we can for His kingdom and for His children, leading them to Him, provoking them to worship, and just being a blessing and an encouragement. This world is so thirsty for not just young people who are passionately doing The Lord’s work, but ANY people who get out there and be a light. A Jesus light. People who desire to be righteous and take that step, believing He’ll keep to His promise and guide it.

So, my fellow believers and all those who just happened upon this blog, whoever you may be, my thesis is this: don’t leave sharing the Gospel and the going to the byways and highways to the minstrels and the Jehovah’s witnesses! Young or old, musical or not, you have a job in the kingdom! When I said thanks to facebook, I meant it. Facebook is such a brilliant way to be salty and to be an example. When so many people get on there and use bad language that only means we need to be the opposite. Don’t join their party, invite them to ours. I have some friends on facebook that are in highschool. I was home schooled so I can’t say I understand what it’s like going to public school, but Rebecca does and so I hear a lot about the trials and things that kids face. I also know that when I was fifteen and hadn’t yet given my heart to Jesus, just seeing someone my age who had a spark and passion for Him would have influenced me so profoundly. Even the smallest thing like carrying their bible with them or saying “God bless you” to me would have made an impact on my young mind. Don’t be afraid to give them a taste of Jesus, then if they ask, you can share more with them. That’s what it means to be salty.

So, please pray for Parousia in your daily prayers, and we will pray for all of you! Pray that we can go out with bravery and with a bold stand for what’s right.

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  • Jim and Michele

    Jim and Michele Kentucky

    We will pray for you. Thank you for your beautiful music on you tube. It has inspired me this morning as I prepare for church tomorrow.

    We will pray for you. Thank you for your beautiful music on you tube. It has inspired me this morning as I prepare for church tomorrow.

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