Trophies of God’s grace.

We, as Christians, are walking and talking testimonies of the saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ: trophies of His grace. We testify in our everyday life by living a pure christian life and reflecting Jesus from within, and our goal should be to point as many sinners as we possibly can to our Lord; not to ourselves, but to the one who saved us and gave us eternal life. If we make our lives a reflection of Him then people will see Jesus through us. We may be the only Bible that someone may read, the only Jesus they see. The Lord uses his servants, and we give ourselves over to His work no matter what it is.

One of the many reasons for starting this blog was to be able to share with you, and have you share with us, things that the Lord has done–thoughts and incidents that we may experience on our journeys with Him as our guide. We want to tell you when God has reached out to someone through us, His servants, and we want you to share with us what the Lord has done. We pray and hope it will be a blessing to everyone who takes the time to read it.

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