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Our second CD is now available!! It contains 15 songs, 10 of which are original ones that were written by Rachel, Sarah, Hannah, and Rebecca Broaddus. All instruments, vocals, and arrangements in this album are by Parousia, recorded, produced, and engineered in our very own home studio! We are very pleased with the outcome of this project and hope that you will get one for yourself and be blessed by it. 

1.  One Fine Day
2.  Soft Melody
3.  Love Letters
4.  My Prayer
5.  Grace
6.  Green Pastures
7.  Give Me A Chance
8.  The Lord Is My Shepherd
9.  He Satisfies
10. Shadow
11. Weep For Me
12. Is Not This The Land Of Beulah
13. You Are There
14. Must Jesus Bear The Cross Alone
15. Farther Along

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