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  1. You Are There

From the recording Somewhere

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You are the God Who cares
I know that You would not leave me here alone
In the darkest night that I’ve ever faced
And I know that you can see the pain that I’m going through
I’m suffering for deliverance
From evil forces this mortal child cannot take
But You are there

You are the God who cares
It does not matter what the problem is; I’ll prevail
You lift me up where I cannot lift myself
Up to extremes, through this battle scene
You hold my hand when I cross the street
Although the enemy’s constant fire makes it seem we’ve lost
You are there

And so I give my life to You
Offering all into Your hands
I want to die within myself
So You can come
And set me free

He is the God Who cares
And as I journey through this wilderness, I long
To be Home with Him forever in New Jerusalem
Away from meaningless atmosphere
Where haunting tempters can vex no more
Just you and me, and the love we share for the One of all
Who is there
You are there