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  1. Love Letters

From the recording Somewhere

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What is the Bible? What does it mean to you?
To me it’s like a love letter of a love so deep and true
I get tingles when I read it, I almost hear Him say out loud
“I love you, oh, I love you, my darling, precious child.”

The Bible is for me, oh, I know it’s just for me
Every Word that’s written, oh, I thank you, God, it’s just for me
To some I can’t explain it, but some just understand
It’s my very own love letter, written to me by God’s Hand

Why does He love me? I’m of no importance
Yet He still writes those notes, and loves me in any circumstance
All of my mistakes, He doesn’t ever see them ‘cause
In His love, I’m forever forgiven

A love letter so deep it hurts, sometimes I just can’t breathe
A love so full of compassion and rich with His mercy