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  1. Soft Melody

From the recording Somewhere

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So soft the melody You sing to me
By the birds in the trees; the cool running streams
You are to me more than all of these things
And I long to hear Your voice say to me
“Child it’s done; no more aching within
You are Home at last to live forever more
Here with the ones I have called to Eternity.
A place, a Home, prepared with love and care for you
A lasting freedom from all evil circumstance
That once advanced upon you.”

You sing the soft melody over to me
As I ride through the haze of cool summer days
Then in the glee of intense ecstasy
You appear to me in everything
All around me, this nature is full of Your everlasting
Promise of love, Your existence above, and Your token of grace.
A love so strong, how could a thing go wrong with Him
His love is shimmering brighter than all the darkness
Of sin that we’re in in this day